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In Honor Of Those Who Gave It All

30 More Graves


The sun shown bright that February morn
All seemed right, yet my heart was torn
With taps playing low we laid him in the ground
A stone with his rank lay atop his mound.

I am not for sure, as my eyes were blurred
But ours was not the only ground that was turned
No, in that cemetery where soldiers rest
At least 30 or so had given their last breath.

I dwelt on that thought for days on end
I had to go back and see him again
He was the very last one in a row of ten
I knew where he was, right on the end.

But as I walked up to where I thought he lay
30 more graves were dug that day.

I started to cry as it became real
No matter what the papers or TV reveal
No more proof was needed, there was nothing to say
For 30 more graves were dug that day.

I began to walk up and down those lanes
Looked at their ages, their ranks, their names
In our day to day lives, almost no attention is paid
To the 30 more graves that are dug each day.

We sleep without fear of ghosts in the night
Stealing our loved ones or oppressing our rights
We bicker, we rant, we work, and we play
And 30 more graves are dug each day.

I said it before and I'll say it again
Freedom is not free, never forget that my friend
So before this day ends give thanks and pray
Because 30 more graves were dug today.

Copyright © 2024 by Celynda Ann Frank. All rights reserved.
Permission to publish granted by Celynda Ann Frank.

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