Aggregate Transport Corporation

Aggtrans Team of Professionals

David Gable, President and CEO

David E. Gable

E-mail: David Gable

Kim Himmel, Vice President

Kim Himmel
Vice President

E-mail: Kim Himmel

Cedric Pittman, Sales Manager

Cedric Pittman
Sales Manager

E-mail: Cedric Pittman

Dave Luber, Chief Estimator/Sales

Dave Luber
Chief Estimator

E-mail: Dave Luber

Rick Nash, Account Manager

Rick Nash
Account Manager

E-mail: Rick Nash

Tara Cook, Inside Sales Representative

Tara Cook
Inside Sales Rep

E-mail: Tara Cook

Ryan Hoover, Outside Sales Representative

Ryan Hoover
Outside Sales Rep

E-mail: Ryan Hoover

Amber Scott, Customer Service Rep

Amber Scott
Customer Service Rep

E-mail: Amber Scott

Eric Amaker, Account Manager

Eric Amaker
Account Manager

E-mail: Eric Amaker

Fred Hwang, Inside Sales Representative

Fred Hwang
Inside Sales Rep

E-mail: Fred Hwang

Jena Grim, Customer Service Rep

Jena Grim
Customer Service Rep

E-mail: Jena Grim

Joe Vanderwende, Project Coordinator

Joe Vanderwende Project Coordinator

E-mail: Joe Vanderwende

Lynn Imbrogulio, Inside Business Development

Lynn Imbrogulio
Inside Business Development

E-mail: Lynn Imbrogulio

Paul Burnett, Outside Business Development

Paul Burnett
Outside Business Development

E-mail: Paul Burnett

Kayla Peterson, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Kayla Peterson
Marketing & Events Coordinator

E-mail: Kayla Peterson


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