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Aggregate Transport Corporation

Aggtrans services include: dump truck rentals; dump sites for: dirt, concrete, asphalt and contaminated material; soil and debris removal; local and long distance hauling; boulder delivery and placement; contract transportation services; flatbed forklift delivery; snow removal and custom soil mixes.

Aggtrans delivers anywhere in the MD, DC, VA, PA or DE area. MBE, WBE or SDVOSB services are available too.

For more information about the services we offer, call:1-888-766-4242

Aggtrans rents equipment for all your construction projects in MD, DC, VA, PA, DEEquipment Rental
Soil & debris removal and disposal services available in MD, DC, VA, PA, DEDebris Removal
Dumptruck rental and bulk delivery available in MD, DC, VA, PA, DEDumptruck Rental
Flatbed DeliveryFlatbed Delivery

Dump Truck Flat Bed Rentals

We supply the truck and driver.   Hauling On-site or Off-site 24-hours a Day

We haul dirt, asphalt, concrete, demo debris, contaminated soil and much more. Ask about LEED Waste Management Certification at: 1-888-766-4242

  • Rentals priced by the hour, based on portal to portal; minimum rental time is 4 hours.
  • Trucks must be rented with drivers only.
  • Fuel surcharges, sales taxes and tolls may apply
  • Please note we service all states including: MD, DC, VA, DE and PA.

NOTE: Dump truck rental rates are based on many factors including job volume, type of product being hauled, day vs night shift and special permits.

Aggtrans also provides:
  • Control Flow Gate Unloading
  • Contract Transportation Services
  • Excavation Topsoil & Borrow Removal
  • Single Axle, Tri Axle & Trailer Rental
  • Water Flusher Trucks

Terms and Conditions: Delivery Liability ends at the curb line. A proper, safe and optional unloading site is the customer's sole responsibility. In the event damages occur due to an inadequate unloading site, the customer will bare all expenses including but not limited to vehicle damages, waiting time, towing fees, curbs, driveways, sidewalks, lawns, building overhangs, adjoining properties, above & underground utilities, and any other miscellaneous objects.

Last Update: 03/21/2019

We accept all major credit cards

Aggtrans accepts all major credit cards


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